Friday, January 17, 2014

NARS Final Cut Collection: Swatches and Review

NARS has been reading my wish list. Final Cut is a collection featuring the new edge of pink- four matte blushes, four satin lip pencils, and one liquid illuminator.

Once I saw the promo pictures for NARS Final Cut, I was all:

Throwing caution to the wind, I purchased all four blushes and one satin lip pencil.


We will begin with New Attitude, a fresh strawberry pink.

I was sure it would be close to NARS Gaiety, but it is deeper and warmer. Dior Happy Cherry is close, but more saturated and slightly shimmery in comparison.


Next is Sex Fantasy, a pastel baby pink.

Urban Decay Magic, which I sometimes use as blush, is a deeper a pink. NARS Mistinguette is more blue based, lighter, and brighter. Sex Fantasy appears to blend in with my skin in the swatch, but it gives a very natural light pink flush on my cheeks with no chalkiness.


NARS Love was the color that I was sure to have a few matches for.

NAR Day Dream is very close, but Love is pinker and lighter. Day Dream also has subtle shimmer. Chanel Rose Ecrin is more brown than Love.


Last is Final Cut, a matte coral.

NARS Boys Don't Cry is much deeper and more red than Final Cut. Chanel Frivole is more orange and has shimmer.


I haven't loved the Satin pencils I purchased in the past, so I got one to reevaluate my feelings.

Descanso is a natural brownish pink.

The formula is very soft, and low shine. It doesn't last longer than a couple hours, but I love the soft polished look. Compared to Dolce Vita Matte pencil, Descanso is more peach and lighter in color.

NARS Final Cut has been one of my favorite collections this winter, and the gorgeous pink and peach shades have me ready for spring!



The Driveller Kate said...

LMFAOOOOOOO it's only January but I think you just made the blogpost of the year, missy!
(Also, pretty swatches. But mainly doge.)

Martha said...

He's my new spirit animal, Kate :D

makeup magpie said...

Thanks for the review and swatches. I'm seriously tempted by this collection...not that I need any more pink blush, but that's never stopped me before!