Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dior Mystic Metallics Bonne Étoile Eyeshadow Palette: Swatches and Review

As soon as I saw Dior Bonne Étoile featured on The Non-Blonde, I knew it was a must have for me.

I am in love with the star embossing on the eyeshadows, and the color combination is gorgeous!
Let's take a closer look.

All of the shades are shimmery, as in most Dior quints. I feel like I could make quite a few looks from the unique color combination.

The brown in the center and the olive color seem to have the least shimmer, and will work well in the crease. The beige, mint, and turquoise all have a more ethereal glow and shimmery finish.

I don't have any exact dupes, but I think comparison shots always help.

MAC Bare My Soul is less shimmery and has more depth in color. As a side note, the MAC quad is a new absolute favorite in my rotation! If you can still find it, I highly recommend getting one.

Guerlain Coup de Foudre has a richer and more opaque texture and leans more to the greenish side of the color spectrum.

Lastly, NARS Rajasthan is deeper and less shimmery. I can get a very simple neutral everyday eye look from the NARS, but the Dior seems to have more pizazz and dimension.

Overall, I am thrilled with Dior Bonne Étoile. It is a unique addition to my palette collection, and the detailed star embossing is a nice bonus too. I will post some looks and more thoughts as I am able to use it this upcoming week.

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Laura MyNewestAddiction said...

WOW! That is a gorgeous quad!