Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guerlain Turandot Palette: Swatches and Review


Since Guerlain changed the formula of their eyeshadow quads, the palettes have been some of my favorite. Smooth and silky without being sheer or chalky, they all have beautiful color combinations.

Turandot is a gorgeous combination of shimmering gold and brown with two matte mauve colors in the middle.

The colors are nicely saturated while remaining easy to apply and blend. The variations in texture are perfect for a cohesive look in one palette.
Both mattes are smooth and the shimmery colors are refined.

The gold is more peach compared to the ultra shimmery gold in Chanel Topkapi. I didn't find any color similar to the warm mauve in the top of the palette. The deeper matte color is warmer and lighter than the matte color in Chanel Berry-Rose. The shimmery brown in Turandot is similar to Burberry Midnight Brown, but the Burberry is more reflective and slightly cooler in tone.

Guerlain Turandot is a gorgeous combination of bronzed taupe and gold, with matte colors to add warmth. The color combination in Turandot is unique and beautiful for fall!



Hunter87 said...

Such a pretty palette.

Dovey said...

Hi Martha, what a beautiful palette! The pinks and plums are right on point for this season too :)

Perilously Pale said...

Beautiful! Best Things in Beauty said the two centre shades look almost identical on her skin but on you they look quite different! I am back to considering it again. ;-)

Martha said...

Jazmin- the palette turned out to be perfect :)

Dovey- I just love fall collections!

P.Pale- The colors are pretty different on me. I bet this would be beautiful on your coloring!

Modesty Brown said...

Gosh, this is such a beautiful palette. Thanks for sharing your swatches.