Friday, June 8, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters vs. Balm Stains Throwdown


I decided that is might be helpful to swatch my Revlon Lip Butters next to my new love, the Balm Stains. I still like Butters, but they need a clear balm or some gloss to prevent my lips from drying. Balm Stains are less glossy feeling on the lips, but they leave a long lasting stain. They are also more hydrating than the Lip Butters.

Here are a butt load of swatches.......


Creme Brulée is a sheer nude color. Charm is a light pinkish peach. Creamsicle is a pastel baby peach color.


Sugar Frosting is a nearly clear mauve pink. Honey is a warm light pink. Berry Smoothie is a sheer light raspberry.


Gumdrop is a pastel lilac. Darling is a cool light pink. Cherish is an almost identical light Barbie pink. Strawberry Shortcake is another cool pink color.


Rendezvous is a bright orange coral. Tutti Frutti is a sheer orange.


Sweet Tart is a neutral hot pink. Lovesick is a light fuchsia. Smitten is a more intense fuchsia color. Lollipop is a blue toned hot pink with a touch of shimmer.


Raspberry Pie is an intense berry color. Crush is a slightly more sheer berry. Romantic is a sheer warm brick red. Red Velvet is a warm berry red color.

I hope these comparisons will help you in your quest for the grail, or lip products at least.



Amanda B said...

this post was amazingly useful, thank you!

Hunter87 said...

I like both Lip Butters and the Lip Stains.

AhCapp said...

Thank you for sharing! Your swatches are so useful! :)

AhCapp said...

Thank you for the swatches! Looks like I need to get a few to try them out! ;)

Erin Harte-Stovell said...

This is really helpful! I'm in love with both butters and balms! Your post is really well presented, clear and concise! I like!

Liz said...

This post is so helpful! Thank you for putting this together!

L said...

Thank you so much for this post!

I was thinking about getting either Gumdrop or Darling, but wasn't sure if they were similar.

This helped. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the swatches! Although personally the lip stains are less moisturizing than the lip butters for me. Maybe my lips aren't too dry? But the lip stains definitely stay on for longer.