Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guerlain for Emilio Pucci Capri Eyeshadow Palette: Swatches and Review

Guerlain for Pucci gives us a fun palette of wearable brights for summer.

Capri has the Pucci print on the inside of the box. It is a dark casing, not the usual silver that Guerlain uses in its permanent line. I love the deep gunmetal look.
Inside Capri, we find a shimmery white gold, a vivid and sheer hot pink, a shimmering golden coral, and a deep blackened brown.

The white is nicely brightening, but it has some larger shimmer pieces that I find annoying. The pink is matte but smooth. I bet it would be a pretty blush. The orange is rich and full of smooth golden shimmer. So lovely! The brown is deep and blackened. It barely needs to be touched with a brush to get rich color. It is very blendable and smooth.

Here are my closest comparisons:

MA Call Me Bubbles is nearly invisible on my skin. Guerlain Capri has much more impact. MAC Brash is more coppery and lacks the coral color found in Capri. NARS Gaiety isn't even close to the warmer and deeper pink in Capri. NARS Coconut Grove is not as rich or deep as Guerlain Capri. The brown in Capri is also easier to work with and blend.


Overall, this color palette isn't going to be for everyone. It is a fun way to wear some brights, and the neutrals help balance the look. The colors in Capri are nicely pigmented and easy to work with. If you are comfortable with brights or want to experiment, Guerlain Capri will make wonderful addition to your eyeshadow collection.



Vintage80shoes said...

Thanks for posting this; it has helped me decide against getting this new Guerlian-Pucci eye palette. I already own the M.A.C "Call me Bubbles", which I do find is a nice pop of colour but I really do not need another one where the key colours give a rather similiar effect. Would be great to have but the price is a real deterrance. I'm really excited about the bronzer-blush from this collection though; can't wait to get my hands on it!

~ Claire ~ said...

I am so happy I already have this palette, because your swatches would me lem it anyway :D I love this aplette so much and I love the new packaging colour! feels so luxury <3

Martha said...

Vintage, if I had to choose one, I much prefer the Pucci palette since it has more color variation. But if you are getting it for the coppers and pinks, you can probably pass since the MAC has a lot of similarity there.

Claire, I am glad I indulged too :)