Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chanel Sable Rose Bronzer: Swatches and Review

I was unable to resist the gorgeous striped bronzer from Chanel this summer.

Sable Rose is a pinkish bronze with golden shimmer. It gives an effortlessly subtle bronze to my fair skin.
I tried my best to compare it to last year's offering, Bronze Rosé. Sable Rose has smaller stripes, and the pink is dispersed evenly throughout. With Bronze Rosé, I am able to use the pink stripe as blush and the bronzer separately. Sable Rose has a golden shimmer, whereas Bronze Rosé is a satin finish.
I think Sable Rose is very similar to the bronze portion of Bronze Rosé. If you swirl the colors together, Bronze Rosé is pinker than Sable Rose.

I am happy I got this, since I loved last year's bronzer so much. They have a lot of similarities, so you won't be disappointed if you loved Bronze Rosé last year.

Overall this is a gorgeous bronzer for fair skin. It is subtle and slightly shimmery. I am not a huge user of bronzer, but I find Sable Rose is easy to sweep on. It adds the right amount color without looking fake or muddy.



~ Claire ~ said...

why did you choose sable rose? I am still considering either beige or rose. was this one more flattering on you? the gloss looks great on your skintone (I think this is a nice orange for pale skin?).

Martha said...

I chose Rose over the other since I loved last year's Rose Bronzer. I didn't try the Beige on, only swatched it. I think both would work nicely on light skin. The Beige was a touch lighter and golden toned.

Calypso is a nice orange, and it isn't overly bright on the lips. Just a sheer glossy coral orange color.