Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush: Swatches and Review

Estée Lauder has a new range of blush called Pure Color. It promises radiant color that won't fade and a natural glow. Does Tom Pecheux make good on his promises? Let's find out......

Firstly, I love that the compact matches the eyeshadow palettes exactly. It helps my OCD brain sleep at night.

Inside is a generous pan that I can freely swirl my brush in. I didn't even test their included brush, I admit. I find that the brushes and applicators inside the compacts are generally useless, although Hourglass and Becca have proved me wrong on that account.

Peach Passion is a Shimmer formula, but it isn't chunky or glittery.
Peach Passion is a warm pink with golden shimmer. I find it more pink than peach, but I love the color regardless.

I was surprisingly lacking in my peachy pink blush offerings, but I did my best.

Chanel Espeigle is a definite peach compared to Peach Passion. Armani Blush #2 is much lighter, almost a highlight on my skin tone.

I found the staying power was not quite all day, but still respectable. The color is soft and buildable, and does give a naturally radiant look. I am loving the color of Peach Passion, and I will be trying at least one more color from this range.



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This passenger's element said...

Those swatches are delicious! Makes me want to do some shopping later!