Friday, March 9, 2012

Givenchy Bucolic Poppy: Swatches and Review

Givenchy's newest blush is supposed to invoke happy fields of flowers. Le Prisme Bucolique comes in a colorful compact with Givenchy's logo on the lid.

The compact is a tiny fat square, smaller than I imagined but very cute!

The shimmering pastel peach background is splattered with golden warm rose.

The compact is divided into quadrants. The bottom is more heavily rose, while the top is lighter. If you wanted, you could get a couple different effects depending on where you swirled your brush.

A tray pops out from underneath, revealing a tiny brush.

The pan is almost the size of a Bobbi Brown blush pan, although I am not sure how they stack up in product included.

I swatched the lighter top of Bucolic Poppy separately from the deeper bottom for the first set of swatches. It is much warmer than Chantecaille Joy even though they are similar in intensity. The top appears close in hue to Ruge Bunny Rouge Orpheline.

Sunlight swatches:
Here I have swatched the blush mixing the whole pan together. Poppy has more coral than Tarte Natural Beauty and is still warmer than Chantecaille Joy.

Overall, this blush gives a lovely sheen and natural pop of color. It lasts all day and has a beautiful silky color. I am eager to try more of Givenchy's blush offerings.

If you would like to see more swatches of this blush, here is a list:

-Musing on Beauty has a lovely look featuring Bucolic Poppy and the matching lipstick.

-The Driveller has swatches of the entire Givenchy Spring collection.

-Best Things in Beauty has both blushes and the highlighter as well.




birkinbagbeauty said...

Thank you for the swatches...I swatched Givenchy as well and I was curious how this one would compare to RBR Orpheline, and I can see I do not need both based on the similarity of the swatches.

Musing on Beauty said...

Great swatches, and thanks for the link!

Dovey said...

Beautiful! I love the spotty art in the pan as well :)

This passenger's element said...

Im glad you reviewed this. Loved your post with you wearing this. And the swatches are great! Thank you :)