Friday, February 24, 2012

NARS Gaiety is Making Me Blush

 Thank goodness the newest NARS blush has a name that I don't mind repeating. Gaiety is a vivid light blue toned pink that is completely matte. 

 Most of Gaiety's friends look almost peach in comparison.

 Illamasqua Katie is much lighter in hue, Spank has a warmer tone, and Rose Tourbillon is deeper and warmer- more of a berry pink.

 Gaiety gives a beautiful pink flush, brightening my winter complexion. I was able to use a regular blush brush and easily build color without creating scary clown cheeks.

NARS Gaiety will be a regular in my pink blush rotation this year!


Musing on Beauty said...

It's gorgeous on you! Considering I've always been scared Katie would be too cool for me (!), I'm not going anywhere around this one, though!

Zuzu*s Petals said...

What a great color on you. I can't believe I skipped this when I ordered 413 BLKR the other day. Maybe I need to reconsider, especially since we have similar skin tones.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful on you! I just bought this for a friend, and you two have similar complexions, so hopefully she'll love it too.