Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lancome's New Rouge in Love is Pretty Sweet!

 I was out running errands on Friday- getting the baby's ears checked, dropping off taxes, and grocery shopping. Somehow my route took me near Macy's and inside to have a closer look at Lancôme's latest lipstick offering.

 Rouge in Love promises 6 hour wear, feather light color, and a face like Emma Watson. Well, maybe not that last one, but she does make an awfully cute model for the brand.

 I predictably chose a pink and a peach color to begin. Both have the word sweet in the sweet.

 The case is a matte silver with red and polished silver accents. It is small, sleek, and cute without being tacky.

 The back is decorated in a lace pattern, oh la la!

 The top color is Ever So Sweet, and the bottom is Sweet Embrace.

 Sweet Embrace is a light mauve pink. Ever So Sweet is a fresh coral orange. The texture is definitely soft, but not overly glossy. They have enough shine to keep from being classified as matte, but they aren't like the new breed of shine lipsticks most brands are releasing. They have great pigment in one swipe, and they are weightless on the lips.


 My closest comparisons weren't really that close, but maybe they can help you anyway.  I am impressed with Rouge in Love and plan to try more shades. Flattering colors, soft texture without shimmer, and sweet packaging!

Speaking of sweet, check out the Gift with Purchase at Macy's right now. Spend $35 and you get a choice of lip products, moisturizer, and eye products. The bag also came in hot pink with a black ribbon, and my SA threw in the cute lip keychain I used in the above photos.



Hunter87 said...

Both lip colors look very pretty.

Musing on Beauty said...

Do they smell?

Martha said...

They have a light floral scent.