Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I Want

Chanel Bow Tortoiseshell Frames! How cute are these? (rhetorical of course) I have been wearing frames since I had my last baby, and I would love to have a second pair.
A lovely room for myself. Lisa Eldridge is a celebrity makeup artist, so I guess she rates a studio. Full article and more pictures here.
More blush please! Bobbi Brown Neons and Nudes Collection is out, and I might not be able to resist the blush.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha!
Those frames are super cute. Where did you find them? I didn't see them on the Chanel web site.
Hope you and your family are doing well. :)

Martha said...

I found them on a message board, but never found a link to buy them.

Lauren said...

Oh WOW, these must be mine. I went into search mode and found them, they're called Chanel 3211 in Dark Havana

Link to a store:

Martha said...

Thank you Lauren!!

LauraJean396 said...

The glasses are so cute!! I was looking at a pair of sunglasses that have the bow on the sides! I would cherish them forever!