Monday, January 16, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow: Swatches and Review

On my drugstore adventures, I discovered L'Oreal's pressed pigment eyeshadows. Awesome!
These are similar to Armani Eyes to Kill, only better for me. The Infallible shadows are creamier and softer to apply. They also have less fallout. Sadly, I do not own my Eyes to Kill anymore so I can't swatch it beside these colors.
The screw on lid is color coded and rather unremarkable in appearance. I am glad they made the bottom prettier!
Inside is a plastic disc to help keep the shadow pressed down.
All of the ones I chose have a high shimmer factor, but they aren't chunky or glittery.
The purple is the only one that is sheer. It takes a few passes to build the color up. Eternal Sunshine could use a touch more color as well, but it still isn't as sheer as Perpetual Purple. Bronzed Taupe and Iced Latte are my personal favorites, both full of color and shine. 

L'Oreal Infallible shadows are definitely worth a try! For me, they out perform Armani. I always use primer underneath, and I get all day wear without any creasing or fading. They are also smooth and easy to apply.


Y said...

I have the bronzed taupe, but I need to get them all

Victoria said...

Bronzed taupe and amber rush are beautiful! I find it soo interesting that all the hardcore HE-ers on MUA are branching out into DS! :)

Hunter87 said...

You got very pretty colors.

Rebecca said...

I find Amber Rush is so pigmented on me. I almost have to hold it back from going on too pigmented. They are very soft and go on like a dream. Maybe Loreal took more time with these than the Armani, and ended up with a better product. I want a few more shades, like the light green and bronze.

Dovey said...

I just purchase one this weekend as well! I'm quite impressed with them too!