Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel: Swatches and Review

We interrupt this Rouge Bunny Rouge Marathon to bring you Chanel....... striped Chanel blush! Horizon Blush de Chanel was my pick from Chanel's Spring collection.

Pink + Chanel + blush = true love. I was never a math whiz, so let me just show you some more pictures.
The compact is the same size as a Chanel Joues Contraste. Here she is next to Pink Explosion:
And here is Horizon next to Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G:
A velvet pouch with a tiny and useless brush comes with Horizon. I am just glad they didn't waste space putting the brush inside the compact.
Horizon is swatched alone on the left. For curiosities sake, I swatched the bottom half in the middle, and top half on the right. I probably won't use it that way, but you could if that makes you happy.

Here is Horizon hanging out with her other pink blush BFFs:

Horizon isn't overly frosty or bright. Becca Gyspy is lighter and has a distinct sheen. Pink Explosion is a deeper pink with a matte finish and silver sparkles. Guerlain Serie Noire is a coral pink in comparison.
I also have a picture of it applied, to give you a better idea of the color. Here it is lightly:

And with a heavier application:

Horizon Blush de Chanel is a nicely done pink blush for spring. It isn't revolutionary or different. It is however, a pretty pink blush with a softly shimmery finish. The texture is smooth, and the color should be widely flattering. It can be subtly swept on, or easily built for more drama. If you love pink blush and can make room in your heart for another, you will need Horizon Blush de Chanel.


Musing on Beauty said...


Julia said...

So pretty! I will have to check this out. And what color are you wearing on your lips? It is so bright and fresh! And on another note, I find that I have to dig pretty hard to get the Guerlain Blush G to show up on me (NW15)- is it the same with you?

Mar said...

which lipstick are you wearing?

Martha said...

Julia- I dont have to dig on the Guerlain, it is pretty bright on me.

I am wearing YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole :)

pretty addicted said...

The Chanel looks pretty with your complexion. Darn that Blush G, I always regret not picking it up! I ordered this one though, and I'm pretty excited for it to arrive. Nothing else from the collection really spoke to me, so we'll see when it comes into stores. Did you get anything else?

Martha said...

Pretty- I also ended up ordering Flirt. I think I will get plenty of use out of a sheer peachy lipstick!

pretty addicted said...

I have my eye on Flirt to check out once it's available at the counter; I'm always into a nice peachy or coral lip :D I'll be interested to see what you think!

sel said...

so this is a totally weird and random question but WHERE DID YOU BUY YOUR GLASSES?! i love them!

Martha said...

Thanks :) they are a Burberry frame from Pearle Vision.