Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Recent Discovery: MAC Paint Pots are Awesome!

File this post under Living Under a Rock.  I have only recently discovered MAC Paint Pots, and mama like!
 I got Coral Crepe awhile ago, used it twice, and completely forgot about it.  The recent release of a collection chock full of Paint Pots peaked my interest. 
 The only permanent color pictured here is Groundwork.
 I have found the best technique for me is patting on a thin layer with my index finger.  They make a wonderful base to help shadow last without creasing.  I also find that they help intensify the shadow color in a way regular primers do not.
Coral Crepe is a medium peachy coral.  Nubile is a softly shimmery light pink.  Groundwork is a warm light brown with subtle shimmer.  Genuine Treasure is an antiqued grey gold with tons of shimmer.  I find it best used as a shadow topper, not a base.
If you haven't checked out MAC Paint Pots, I highly recommend giving them a look! 


LauraJean396 said...

LOL @ recent discovery! ILY! That is great! I really wanna check out Nubile, but I think it may be too close to Painterly for me to justify having both.

PerilouslyPale said...

I use Painterly every single day! Even if I do use a primer underneath. I love how it intensifies my eye shadow. Just makes everything look better. So happy you've discovered it. Painterly would be perfect for you BTW ;-)

Martha said...

I think maybe I will need to check out Painterly :)

Zuzu's Petals said...

I absolutely agree with PP. You need Painterly. It will be your base for absolutely everything and it's perfect for days when we palefaces don't want to wear eye makeup but want our eyelid skin smoothed over and evened out.