Monday, October 3, 2011

Chanel Rose Ecrin: Swatches and Review

 Another Chanel blush has joined the family.  Rose Ecrin was just too pretty for me to pass up.

Rose Ecrin is a very natural pink with a slight peach tone.  It has almost no shimmer.  It is a basic and versatile color that lasts beautifully through the day.

Here is a comparison that I hope will be helpful:

Rose Ecrin looks warm next to the cool pink Spank.  It is peachier than Rose Petale.  Gracilis is also cooler in tone.  Delicata is more brown than Rose Ecrin.

I am so pleased with the natural flattering color of Rose Ecrin. I can see much love and hapiness in its future.


PerilouslyPale said...

Rose Ecrin is becoming one of my favourite blushes! It's just such a perfect everyday, go with anything colour.

Rachel said...

Gah, you make me want things. I swatched that at the counter recently, but was like "I don't need more blush". Now....I vant. Just. Got. Martha'd. :D xxx

Martha said...

Perilous- I think I can see using this one quite a bit!

Rachel- there is always room for one more blush ;) lol