Friday, October 7, 2011

Chanel Prelude Swatches and Review

Another palette of grays?  Really?
  Correct! This neutral Chanel quad followed me home one day.  
The shades in Prelude are all smooth and have medium pigmentation. It is an sophisticated no fuss look. (Yes I have been known to use the sponge applicators.)
 Prelude is full of cool gray goodness.  The first gray has an iridescence I failed to capture- bluish silver sheen.  The second shade is a satin cream color.  The bottom is a silvered neutral khaki and a deep gray.

Here are some other gray palettes for comparison:
 Look at how smooth the Becca palette is! *note to self- buy more Becca* The grey tones are definitely different than Chanel Prelude.
 The Chanel Enigma palette has lots more shimmer than Prelude.
In conclusion, one can never have too many gray eye shadow palettes!


The Driveller said...

Sing it, sister! So awesome that it's cooler than Enigma -- that's exactly what I needed to know...

PS madeupstories from MUA here *waves*

Martha said...

*waves to MUS* Good to see you :)

JoanneP said...

there's never too many grey eyeshadows. Agreed! Especially grey-taupe duet! love you blog