Monday, October 10, 2011

Anastasia Beauty Express Kit: Swatches and Review

You already know how much I love my Anastasia Brow Powder!  This is why I am excited to show you the Beauty Express Kit, a palette for brows and eyes.
 Inside the outer sleeve is a pretty cranberry colored compact.
 The kit contains clear wax, a dual colored brow powder, and a dual colored eye shadow. Under the angled brush are 5 different stencils to help shape your brows.

 The top of the palette has a nice sized mirror and handy instructions.
 Being a natural rebel, I didn't follow the instructions.  Lovely brows were still achieved.  Here are the stencils:
 This is the brunette powder in the kit compared to my own compact of Medium Ash Brown. They are the same size according to the labels.
 The included brush is quite nice, although I would prefer to have a spoolie like my Anastasia #7 brush.  I might just have to re-purpose this new brush for eyeliner- it is the perfect size!
 Here are comparison swatches of my own Anastasia Brow Powder and the Brunette color from the kit.  Full sun:
Indirect light:
The Brunette powder was a nice match, although a tiny bit warmer than my Medium Ash. The shadow duo will make a nice look when I want to sweep on color and go.  I would use the matte color all over and the shimmer on my inner corners for a bright look.

The Beauty Express Kit would be a wonderful gift to someone who is a brow beginner.  It is also useful to an Anastasia fan like myself.  I like having my brow tools all in one palette.

Product was sent without charge for consideration and review.


MakeupFanatic27 said...

Great review! I also wanted to try that out! ^_^

Alex said...

That's a lovely palette!! X

gingitsune said...

How is the quality of Anastasia eye shadows? I have the Brunette brow duo and am loving it! :D

Martha said...

G- The shadows are soft and smooth. The shimmery wasn't overly frosty and gave a nice glow. I am interested in how the shadow palettes are now :)