Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adventures in Depotting

I have been a busy bee, depotting tons of crap.  I like original packaging sometimes, but I hate when the casing prevents me from using things more often (Urban Decay I am looking at you).  

I had already depotted my Book of Shadows 2 and 3, so I moved on to the Urban Decay Anniversary Palette. I loved the pretty silver case, but the lid never stayed closed when stored upright.  Here it is in a palette I got from Etsy:

I did decide to ditch the ultra glittery Midnight Rodeo, but all of the other shades fit beautifully together.  I also depotted my Tarte blushes- they have a small hole on the back that you can push a paperclip through.  Tarte is awesome for making their product so easy to get out without ruining the outer package.  

I will post some better pictures with my actual camera later, but for now you can browse pretty palettes from AnotherSoul here.  Shipping was very fast and the seller was very quick to answer my questions.  My overcrowded makeup drawer is breathing a sigh of relief (for now).


LauraJean396 said...

Wow.. I only have 2 Tarte blushes... how would you rate all the rest of them?

Joyce and Makeup said...

Awwe look how snug they all fit in the palette! Super cute ^__^

What are you going to do with the Tarte blush compacts? I do love how easy to remove the pans are like you said!

I really want to depot my R&R eyeshadows. I think I have all but like 7 of them, and I just never reach for them because they're in such individualized packaging.

Martha said...

Laura-I am loving the Tarte blushes- great pigment and smoother than NARS. I would say they are as soft as RBR or Chanel blushes, but fantastic lasting power. They might be my new favorite!

Joyce- I am saving my compacts for now in case I have regrets :) I depotted my 2 R&R eyeshadows also- never use them since they are in huge packaging!

Musing on Beauty said...

That looks so pretty :-)) I really need to get into depotting my BOS 1&2!

Rachel said...

Nice job! So many people butcher stuff when they de-pot, so I appreciate your skillllz :D xxx

Absalom said...

That's so awesome! Depotting is so satisfying AND makes room for new pretties <3

Martha said...

Mariella- I love my BOS so much more without the bulky cardboard. I managed to fit all of my UD into one palette now!

Thanks Rachel- the OCD helps me perform better :)

Absalom- you are exactly right! Armani and Guerlain are on the way to fill those holes up :D

Julia said...

Love it! I ended up depotting the UD Anniversary, Naked, and Black Palettes into one large Z-palette, and it worked beautifully. Nice job!

Zuzu's Petals said...

Very nice! I depot just about everything, too, and stick it in one of my Unii palettes. If I don't do this, I never end up wearing a product. It really irks me that some of the brands (Chantecaille, Chanel, Dior ... ) do not make it easier to depot their pans. How hard would it be to add a hole to every compact?

All that aside, I really must break down and try one of the Tarte blushes. I wish I had thought to do so for the Sephora F&F sale, but I promised myself I'd buy only backups and no new makeup.

tonya said...

I just depotted my BOS this past weekend and I wrecked a few of them. I did well with the MUFE shadows though.

I hope you share some tips because I still want to do my anniversary pallet as well.