Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where my Makeup Lives

Before you see this, you should know that I am a highly organized person. Organizing is a sick hobby of mine.

This is my dresser:

Most of my clothes fit into my closet, so I have taken over the top drawer to store my makeup. It seems pretty kid-proof.

I have a few plastic bins from Target and an organizer from Staples to keep things separate.

Yes, I save lots of boxes. It helps keep things standing and helps me easily see the name.

In front are my makeup bags- daily use items such as foundation, powder, and concealer, and my bag of brushes.

Look, it's a Tarte blush rainbow, man!!


Musing on Beauty said...

Such a lovely stash! And indeed, us childfree girls forget how important it is to make a makeup stash childproof!

Zuzu's Petals said...

What a gorgeous makeup assembly! So well organized and neat and clean. I recognize a lot of your favorites. :)

I really need to try that Tarte Amazonian Clay blush one of these days.

Dovey said...

What pretty and organized collection! I can't say my stash is in the same level of organization =P

Mar said...

It is lovely and organized. I missed your posts. I have a problem organizing foundation and eyeshadows (mono). I am trying to find my ideal foundation because I am very pale and stick to it and not to have so mamy bottles.

PerilouslyPale said...

That is a great setup. I honestly think people would faint if they saw my setup (if one can even call it that). LOL

lexi920 said...

OMG - you are my organizing HERO!!

Martha said...

Thanks everyone :)

Zuzu- I am loving Tarte lately! The brand has had quite a few hits for me.