Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's in My Purse: The Mom Edition

I love seeing what people carry in their cute little purses. I like to see their fashionable bags and coordinating wallets......... but this is the Mom Edition, so there will be less fashion and more utility. Less cute purse and more giant diaper bag.

Here she is: the Thirty One Organizing Utility Tote. For those of you unfamiliar with Thirty One bags, it is the Tupperware/Party Lite/Pampered Chef/Amway of the bag world. You get invited to parties and pressured into buying cute overpriced things.

I have enjoyed my bag though. This one fits tons inside and has 5 extra pockets on the outside. It also wasn't so pricey that I will cry when my kids ruin it, and they will eventually ruin it. Moms understand this.

Here is my super awesome nursing cover. Where were these things when I was nursing my three older kids? I can't believe I lived without one. It is so big that it covers my tummy rolls, massive boobage, and the giant baby I am feeding. The top strap goes around my neck so that it won't fall off or get pulled down by the flailing baby grabby arms. The piping in the top allows me to see what is happening, and also allows the baby not to suffocate. It gets hot in there! And look at the cute little pocket to tuck nursing pads or wipes (or even snacks):

But this isn't a nursing cover review post, so I will move on. Joanna Design on Etsy is where I purchased this one.

I keep a spare receiving blanket ( I use them as spitup rags) and a change of clothes- for the baby diaper blowout that could happen at any time, especially when you aren't at home. Tiny baby diapers, large toddler diapers, and wipes are always at hand. Wipes are good for everything! Runny noses, diaper changes, ink pen on the face, sticky hands, lack of toilet paper, etc.

The polka dot bag holds miscellaneous crap that I need, and the flowery clutch is my wallet. Dork alert: I also carry my coupon organizer wherever I go. Who knows when I will spot toothpaste on clearance, combine it with a coupon, and only pay 44 cents? Seriously.

Bigger dork alert: my coupons are organized into categories and sorted by expiration date.

My little clutch (also Thirty One) is easy to grab out if I want to run in a store alone. Even my phone fits inside.

How cute is the inside of the pouch?

Here are the "out with four kids" essentials for me. Bandaids, alcohol wipes, gas drops, Tylenol, Neosporin, Aquaphor, Tide pen, ponytail holder, touch up powder, and of course, a Bakugan ball. I actually had no idea the Bakugan was in there until I took everything apart, but maybe it will come in handy during a long car ride or in a busy waiting room. Time will tell.

And finally, in the outer packets, we have more crap. A notepad and pen, cute post-it note box, mints, hand lotion, lip balm, lipstick, keys, pacifiers, and my phone. Yes folks, that is probably the last phone out there without a data plan. I refuse to get a smart phone until it is the free giveaway phone. Just last year, I finally got rid of my Razr. I am old like that.

This concludes my Purse Post. I hope you are all not too horrified by the contents- just remember, I threw away the old chicken nugget and melted candies before I took pictures. You're welcome.


Mar said...

Very funny.You have left space for make up. Humor is a good help to carry on. I'm 36 but I have no children and it is interesting to read this. I always have a good time with your posts. Than you.

Makeup Magpie said...

haha - I still have my Razr phone - I had to buy a new battery on for like $5 but it works great and is more reliable than the office iPhone I carry! Your coupon organization is great! I should really start using coupons more often! :)

Dye-A-Graham said...

So cute it makes me want for kids all the more. I'm 36 and childless and it is the worst feeling ever. One day I too will have the Mom Purse with cool stuff inside..thanks for sharing!

lexi920 said...

You are my organzing hero. I only have one little girl and even bag (we use a diaper dude in black) isn't as organized. I'm just happy if I remember to bring her sunblock for impromptu playdates in the sun.

HeidiB said...

I think this post was hilarious and cute :) Life is life and it definately is not all glamour. I don't have kids but I still carry a big and slouchy bag (leather though) that kinda fits my life in it (not my labtob though). I don't understand women that have those teeny tiny chic bags, how can they fit all the essential in them I ask?