Friday, August 19, 2011

Chanel Desinvolte Rouge Allure: Swatches and Review

Way back in July, during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Chanel released some Asian exclusives to us mere Americans. I convinced myself I didn't need anything, and waited until the last possible day to greedily place my order.

Desinvolte Rouge Allure was the surprise hit of my order. I almost skipped it since I find light peaches to be finicky on my skin tone.

Rouge Allures are a bit different than Rouge Cocos. They are lighter in texture and more moisturizing on my lips.

They also open with a nifty hidden spring, or some kind of magic that I can't see.

Pretty golden interlocking C's:

Push in on the bottom, and the tube pops open.

Desinvolte is a sheer light peach without much shimmer.

I was scared to have an exact match, but Desinvolte is very different than my other Chanel peach lipsticks.

Egerie is more orange and pigmented. Chintz is pinker. Plumetis is more of a pinky brown.

Overall I find this the easiest of my peaches to pull off, and the most true peach color on my lips. I love the Rouge Allure formula as well.


PerilouslyPale said...

I love Joyeuse and Desinvolte. There's just something special about the subtle glow they have. Glad you like it!

Makeup Magpie said...

I haven't tried this one but it looks beautiful! Peachy colors are so flattering. I like the Rouge Allure formula more than Rouge Coco.

Dovey said...

i love the color of desinvolte from your swatches. Sometimes I find that peachy colors are easier to wear than pinky colors =)

elizab-tch said...

Can't wait to see a FOTD with this! I'm waiting for mine to arrive, I live in Canada and went the ebay route. Luckily, I only had to pay $2 over retail! I'm wondering if I may have a match for it already in my stash... this looks as though it may be very close to Rouge Coco in Peregrina from the SPring collection.

elizab-tch said...

Can't wait to see a FOTD with this! I just acquired this one through ebay (only a few $ over retail, so not too bad) and I have yet to receive it. I'm wondering if it's close to Peregrina, a Rouge Coco released in Spring 2011. We'll see!