Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chanel Royallieu and Romance Rouge Coco Shine: Swatches and Review

After my good experience with Chanel Monte Carlo (review here), I decided to give a couple more Rouge Coco Shines a try.

Royallieu is a milky mauve pink with tiny silver shimmers. It gives my lips a nude glossy look- a very cool pink nude. I am not wild about the silver shimmer as it stays behind long after the glossy look has faded. Royallieu leaves a very faint pink stain, but nothing very noticeable.

Romance is a cool medium pink with no shimmer. It gives a My Lips But Barbier kind of look. I know- I just made that up, but it is the best description I can think of. This leaves behind a deeper pink stain that lasts a few hours.

I would definitely recommend Romance, but I am not as fond of the lighter colors in this line so far. They look pretty for about 15 minutes before the gloss fades off. I love how the deeper colors leave behind a nice natural stain.

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Nora Schu said...

Romance looks like a gorgeous color. Another item added to my makeup shopping list!