Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chanel Etole and Plumetis Rouge Coco: Swatches and Review

Rouge Coco is one of my favorite lipstick formulas so when I saw the pretty fall colors, I ordered.

Etole (top) is a deep plum color. Plumetis (bottom) is a pinkish peach.

I figured Etole would be unique, but that I had a few similar to Plumetis. I am all about natural pinkish peach colors after all. Wrong.

Chintz is much brighter and pinker than Plumetis. Evanescent is more brown. Plumetis is the perfect hybrid of pink and peach for me.

Etole is a bit deeper than Mademoiselle and more plum. It isn't too dark on my lips though. I don't feel like it overpowers the rest of my look.

Overall, I can't wait to use these in some different looks. They are great choices for fall that would suit a wide variety of skin tones!

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PerilouslyPale said...

I thought I was safe from these but you're tempting me! I love the comparison to Mademoiselle. That's almost cinching Etole for me. I'm thinking Plumetis will be too close to Peregrina though.