Saturday, July 16, 2011

Becca Soft Touch Blush in Malika: Light Peachy Goodness

After trying and loving Becca Songbird, I was eager to see what else Becca had to offer in their blush range. Unfortunately, their shade selection is pretty limited.

I chose Malika, a soft light peach.

Same sleek package, rubber and metal. Someone said they look like a hubcap- they do! Or a tiny UFO.

Malika has some shimmer in the pan, which translates to a soft glow on the cheeks. It does kick up some powder when you apply it, but it does not look at all chalky.

The larger shimmers don't show up at all on my face which is a good thing.

Malika shows up as a nude color alone, or a peachy highlight when layered. I get long lasting color from this blush, just like my other Becca blushes.

For anyone darker than a MAC NC20, I think this would serve as a highlighter only.

Sylph on top, Songbird and Malika on the bottom row.

I am still quite pleased with Becca . I hope they plan to expand their powder blush line eventually though. More colors please!

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