Monday, June 27, 2011

Chanel Epatant Illusion D'Ombre: Swatches and Review

I decided I needed to try at least one of Chanel's new Illusion D'Ombre shadows. Epatant looked like a versatile choice.

What comes inside of my cute little box?

One shadow pot and a capped brush.

The brush comes apart and reveals a flat angled shape- perfect to line or blend larger areas of color.

The cap connects to the brush and becomes the handle- a very useful design!

The Illusion D'Ombres have a mousse texture that gives- spongy and springy.

Epatant is an antique silver color. It is highly reflective, but can be sheered out for a subtle sparkle.

Cafe Makeup compared it to Lancome Erika F. shadow, and it is very similar. Erika F. has less bling and is a bit deeper. I also compared it to MAC Silverthorn to show that Epatant is not a cool toned gray. It is more a a silvered khaki.

A commenter asked how it compares to Benefit Skinny Jeans- totally forgot about this one! I just have to show you the cute Benefit lid while we are looking at pictures:

You can really see the mousse texture here vs. the Benefit cream:

Skinny Jeans is darker and less reflective than Epatant. I actually think they would work nicely together for a soft smoky look.

So far I can not comment on wear time. I was able to rub the swatch off of my arm easily, but Epatant has been going strong on my eyes for a couple hours over primer. I will update my experience when I do a look with this shadow.


Red lips, Black hair said...

Wow, now that is gorgeous!

elizab-tch said...

i'm dying to know what epatant looks like next to benefit skinny jeans! do you happen to own both?

Martha said...

How could I forget Benefit?? I do have that one and now I am off to take a picture before the sun goes down :)

elizab-tch said...

thanks Martha! can't wait to see... maybe this one item can come off my must-have list!

elizab-tch said...

oooh i see it now! thanks so much for doing that - similar shade but very different finishes. I use skinny jeans almost daily, I have yet to find a shadow it doesn't match with (at least, in the neutral-ish family!) I bet Epatant will be a chameleon of sorts too. So pretty!