Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Branching Out: Rouge D'Armani Lipstick

I usually stick to the brands I know and love, but occasionally I like to try new brands.

Recently I was persuaded to try Giorgio Armani. I have heard wonderful things about their long-wearing Rouge D'Armani lipstick.

The case is heavy and softly curved. The brand name is embossed subtly on the bottom, and it closes magnetically. The silver GA symbol stands out nicely over the black tube.

These are larger than your average lipstick, but not overly bulky. Something has to be said for the aesthetic appeal, and I appreciate the effort they put into the look of the case.

Pink 510 is a warm coral pink (used *here*).

Pink 506 is a neutral medium pink (used *here*).

I swatched them next to the closest colors I could find.

Compared to Chanel Rouge Cocos, they are lighter and not as dry. They last for hours on the lips! I can even eat a meal and have full color left on my lips. They wear evenly, so you won't get that scary line left around your lips with no color in the middle.

Rouge D'Armani is comfortable to wear, and definitely long lasting. I love a great new discovery!


panties said...

it makes me happy that you love them the way I do. :)

PerilouslyPale said...

I've fallen in love with these too! I bought my first one #518 from the Spring 2011 collection and love it. Now I'm trying to decide what shades to try next!