Friday, April 8, 2011

Bobbi Brown Peony & Python Palette Swatches and Review

In a fit of recent Bobbi Brown purchasing, I picked up Bobbi Brown's latest eyeshadow palette. It has a cute flower and snakeskin design by Tibi (I have no idea who that is but I am not schooled in the fashion world). I don't love the zipper closure, but I still heart the overall look of the case.

Inside are six different colors, ranging from soft grey to deep purple. There are a variety of finishes too.

The top has a light shimmery grey, a sparkling light purple, and a matte dove grey. The second row has a medium metallic grey, matte deep purple, and a matte black.

I wouldn't call any of these overly pigmented, but I love the soft look they give. The matte shades are the most finicky, but not impossible to work with. They were difficult to swatch, but they applied to the eyes smoothly.

This isn't a ground breaking palette or anything shockingly new, but it is a pretty color combination inside of a pretty case. I am very happy with this palette, and with Bobbi Brown this spring :)


lexi920 said...

I really need to start venturing to other counters - I usually stay in my safe zone at Nordstrom:

Chanel/NARS and MAC. I love the packaging.

lily.puderquaste said...

it's very similar to the mac Sorceress palette, which i have. :-)i like!!!