Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NARS Frivolous Velvet Gloss Pencil Swatches and Review

I love lipstick, and I love lip gloss.

Lipstick + lip gloss in one? Yes please!

NARS Velvet Gloss Pencils promise the best of both worlds. The convenience of a pencil, and the hydration of a gloss.

Frivolous is described as an iridescent seashell pink. It is the lightest of the colors offered, and is exactly what I was looking for.

It is a soft neutral pink with iridescent pink shimmer, which is very subtle. It adds a soft healthy look to bare lips, or adds some shine when used over a lipstick.

They are unscented, but do have a faint waxy smell that disappears almost immediately. It isn't strong enough to bother me, but sensitive noses beware. The formula is light with a hint of stickiness. Just enough stickiness to keep it on for a few hours, but not so much that it feels goopy. Not hair getting caught on a windy day sticky. It truly feels like a gloss/lipstick hybrid.

I love the formula, and will definitely consider picking up another color or two. Check *KarlaSugar* and *TheBeautyLookBook* for swatches of all of the colors.

1 comment:

lexi920 said...

I have Happy Days - the happy peach color. I need to wear a liner with mine. I find it a bit too sheer for my liking.

I wish it came with it's own sharpener and it makes my lips tingle a bit when I first apply then it's fine...I'm weird, I know!