Friday, March 11, 2011

Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette Swatches and Review

So I did it. I bought the cute little turtles.

I figured even though I was sure to have similar colors, this palette would get lots of use since the colors are a great combination. And the turtles are freakin cute, right?

It comes in a very heavy metal compact. Very classy and elegant.

The holes on the back are so you can push out the pans when you finish a color (because normal people do finish up eyeshadows) and refill the palette.

Mine came with a paper overlay that rubbed off some of the pretty over spray on the turtle shells. Sadness.

But the sadness does not end there.......

Pretty colors, but they are so sheer. I spent what seemed like forever building up layers to create an eye look. The fallout was pretty bad too. They are much more powdery than I expected. I really wanted to love my cute turtles, but I was not impressed with this palette. I will keep my turtles for awhile before I decide to put them up for adoption. Maybe a wildlife rescue can help.


Y said...

Eh, for such an expensive palette, I definitely expected more!

lily.puderquaste said...

oh.. that's very sad...

ModestyBrown said...

I bought this in a blog sale and I agree, it's hard work. I think my favourite bit about it is the blusher. I do wish I'd got the Tigers palette instead as I think I would have liked that much more.
Jane x