Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Benefit Powderflage Swatches and Review

Being blessed with chronic dark circles, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest for under eyes. Benefit Powderflage is billed as being: A light-diffusing powder concealer for under eyes and face.

Sounds promising, right?

Powderflage ($28) comes in a large container with concealer, the "flager", and instructions.

Benefit always has cute, but somewhat impractical packaging. The round ball of powder is hard to grasp and open because of the shape. Cute though!

Inside is a finely milled pink toned powder. It has a very subtle sheen, but no glitter or shimmer.

It is very light, so I think this would be best for fair skin tones. It might look ashy on anyone with a tanned or deep complexion.

I purchased this intending to use it as a setting powder for my concealer, and for that it works quite well. I can't imagine this as a concealer on its own- it is far too translucent. As a setting powder, it adds a bit of coverage to my concealer and looks more natural than when I set with my face powder. As for the packaging and brush, you can just chuck them in the trash. I use my MAC 217 Blending Brush to lightly press it in without wiping off my concealer.

Overall I am happy with my purchase, although that won't stop me from trying the next new thing for under eye circles :)

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