Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas is Around the Corner

Have you started making your holiday plans yet? I already have a pretty good stockpile of toys in my closet. I usually grab them when I see 75% off or more and store them since we have such a large family.

I am planning on sending out cards this year, which I dropped the ball on last year. I am not a fan of getting family portraits done (usually they are so cheesy). I am hoping to get a friend with a nice camera to snap a few candids soon. To make things easier, I think I will just upload them to Shutterfly and send out photo cards- one less step right?

Here are some top contenders:

How cute is this Mod Snowflakes Card? I love the brights colors on the black background.

This Family Wall Card is more traditional and I like the monogram.

Most likely this Three Wise Men Card will be the real choice. I like our Christmas cards to have the real message of Christmas on them!

Bloggers: Get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly! Read about it here.

Maybe next I will get started on a Baby Memory Book for my two youngest boys :)


lexi920 said...

Last year we did a family shot with Santa - my daughter freaked out at first with a solo shot w/Santa so Mommy and Daddy stepped in to make her feel better. I am hoping she can handle Santa by herself but if not looks like this will be another family Xmas card to our family.

Martha said...

Lexi your daughter is too cute! Let's hope for a better reaction this year :)