Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rock & Republic All Nighter Blush: Swatches and Review

Uhhh.... what is up with all this blush lately? How many different shades of peach could I need? (don't answer that)

Well I pretty much resisted Rock & Republic during the Haute Look sale and their site wide sale. Then came the Beauty Story sale. The blush was $20, and there was a code for $15 off. Blush for $11 shipped?? Yes please.

But that isn't where I got this blush. Nope, I haven't received my Beauty Story order yet. I did however start browsing pictures and swatches after I ordered Spank and Tease. This lead me to believe I would need Kinky and All Nighter as well. My sister (who is so beautiful, kind, generous and all around nice) offered up her Kinky since she already had one. I then proceeded to order All Nighter from the Rock and Republic website using the ROCKCOSMETICS code for 50% off.

Now we are here.....

The packaging originally turned me off since it is so large and bulky. Now that I have seen it for myself, I can say it's actually quite nice! Very luxurious.

Look at that reddish pink loveliness.

The compact is gorgeous and weighty. It has a large mirror inside.

Here are some other compacts to give you an idea of size.

Now the swatch:

All Nighter is a bright reddish pink with golden shimmer. On my cheeks it is a nice bright pink flush without being over the top. It lasts all day too!

Here are some comparisons. All Nighter is pinker than Exhibit A, but definitely brighter and redder than Hipness.


Whitney said...

You're so right, R&R has luxurious packaging! It is soo heavy! At first, I thought this looked to "orangey" but seeing it swatched next to the other two, it looks like a great combo of pink and peach! Thanks for this post :)

partysis said...

You're welcome : )

Martha said...

Whitney- I was worried it would be too orangey as well. Definitely glad I got it though

partysis :)

eXclusive8D said...

On beautystory's website, it said that they will ship my order the 16th and today's the 19th. Ugh, i'm worried.

btw that blush looks gorg.

Martha said...

thanks exclusive! Hope you get yours soon