Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Happy World of Makeup

This is Makeup Land. So pretty, but the population is growing at an alarming rate.

At first it was a cute black organizer from Staples :

Then an addition :

Wait, where did all these palettes come from??

I promise to take more up to date pictures when I get back. Right now all of my makeup is in my top dresser drawer. I still use the Staples organizer, and I have added some black bins with a rubber lining from Target. I love the rubber inside - it keeps the palettes and compacts in place without falling.


VampiressDoll said...

Very organized! What's the snake palette with the jewel on top? x

KittenMittens said...

Right on! I like how you can easily tuck it all out of the way.

I had my stuff somewhat organized but laziness came into play and yeahhhh there`s stuff all over again :(

Memoirs of a Makeup Addict said...

If you are anything like me I am sure that your collection will grow while you are on vacation. It is a great time to shop other places and every year when we go to Desin, Fl there is a CCO !!

Martha said...

Thanks Vampiress :) It is a Lorac Palette, I think Snake Charmer.

KM - That is the fun, re-organizing :)

Memoirs- Yep, I was planning for a growth spurt! Always have to take advantage of the great shopping.

xtyn said...

oh i don't know if my comment just published! but thanks for this post! i had requested it a little while ago! i love how neat you are!

xtyn said...

yay thanks so much for this post (i requested it a while back :P)
looks so neat and tidy!