Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adventures in Organization

Have a gander at my OCD organization. Here are a few random tips that might help you, or at least give you an understanding of what I subject my family to.

#1 White Board

I have an erasable white board on the side of my fridge. Every week after I plan my meals and shop for groceries, I write down the recipes I have chosen. That way I have some clue later in the week as to why I bought the food I did. I also write things down as I use them up so I won't forget next grocery trip. Sometimes the huff of a marker is all I need midday for a pick me up.

#2 Laundry Baskets

I use these in my kids room to organize their toys and store under the bed. They are cheap, easy for the kids to use, and fit perfectly under the bed out of sight. I have also used them to pack for car trips. They help keep all of the miscellaneous things that don't go in suitcases together (extra towels, food, toilet paper, etc).

#3 Goodwill

Seriously. Get rid of the crap. Some of you may not have kids, but I have three which means three birthdays and three Christmases. That adds up to a lot of toys over one year. Also clean out your own closet and cabinets regularly. The things you are not using could go to someone who actually needs them.

#4 Pantry Week

I can't think of a good name for this, but once every month or two, I have a week where I see how many things we can use up without having to spend much at the grocery store. Get creative and save some money too. I hate to have a pantry cluttered with things that will go bad.


Brianna said...

I love to be organized but was much easier to do before Rachel came along! Also frequent moving doesn't help =(

Martha said...

I know, the kids add lots of clutter. We always have an awesome clean out before we move, but it is hard to get things straight and unpacked in a new house .