Friday, May 14, 2010

NOTD, A Tragedy, and Some Zoya Swatches

Let's start with my nails, Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal. It is a bit deeper in real life, and oh so glossy.

On to a small tragedy.... My Damone Roberts OPI was sure to be here today, and it was. It arrived completely broken and spilled. I was able to call and get them to ship me a new one, so it isn't all bad :)

I got my Zoya order with the LIPPY code a couple days ago. Here are the polishes I received :

Charla (which only makes me think of a monkey ripping a lady's face off- terrible name Zoya), it a gorgeous teal shimmer with a greenish cast in different lights. A mermaid in a bottle. I love it over darker colors as well. Perrie is a medium pinkish purple cream and unique to my polish collection. Felicity is a girlish pink with microshimmer. Very delicate and different too.

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