Monday, May 24, 2010

NOTD American Apparel Factory Grey

This has turned into a nail polish blog lately. I have been lax with my makeup, and I even went out completely bare faced Saturday and Sunday. More on that after the picture.

This weekend was a bit crazy as I mentioned before. On Saturday my fourteen month old John woke up with a temperature of 102. He was coughing and not eating well. I rushed out the door in 10 minutes to make it to the doctor before they closed for the weekend. I made it exactly at closing time :) They checked him out, and said he had croup which just has to run its course. Luckily no ear infection or anything else. He was pretty miserable though. I am happy to report he is feeling all better now.

On to Sunday afternoon. My older boys were playing outside and I heard crying. Nothing unusual there, so we waited for them to come inside and tattle on each other. Nathan came in with blood dripping down his face and everywhere. My oldest son was looking very much in trouble. We cleaned Nathan up and got him calmed down. We were able to determine that Samuel was practicing his golf (it is a real metal set for kids), and Nathan got behind him. Of course he wasn't watching and got Nathan right on the top of his head. I am not kidding when I say my husband nearly passed out, so I took Nathan into the ER. I was deep enough to need three staples. He was a trooper though, and didn't cry at all! He actually kind of had fun. Afterward he got to pick out his own giant bag of M&Ms. We were a sorry looking pair walking through Target that evening :)

I can definitely say I am glad it is Monday.


Brianna said...

what a rough weekend! Hopefully this week will be better

partysis said...

Poor babies! Christopher can dress a deer but a little blood from a family member is too much lol!

Martha said...

Thanks Brianna :)

Naomi LOL