Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Pictures From My Phone.....

Most of the pictures on my phone are of the weather. Here is a scary one from near our house. It didn't turn into anything.


On the way to Target. Should we go back home?

Sweet deals at Myrtle Beach Walmart!

Nice double rainbow :

Great advice from another driver. By the way, I generally try to run stop signs without my kids in the car.

Elmo sighting?


KillingSpree said...

wow that weather looks soo beautiful to me. I unfortuntely live in a horribly hot spot in the world... Australia. I wish we had such awesome clouds and rain and cold. unforunately we are in the middle of autumn and still having temperatures in the high twenties =( These pics really cheered me up!

Makeup Zombie said...

HAHA..some of those cracked me up! And WOW are those cloud gorgeous..

Tiffany said...

Wow, productive day! weird weather, raise price deals, lovely note from a stranger & Elmo! SOunds good to me!