Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bronze FOTD

It has been a tough week for the family. We lost a newborn baby calf on Monday (yes my husband keeps cows). Then yesterday our dog was hit by a car and killed. Zoey was our two year old German Shepherd, and she will be greatly missed.

On to some makeup :

MUFE HD Primer
NARS Sheer Glow + Revlon Photoready
MAC Prep + Primer Powder
BB Corrector
BB Concealer
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

MAC Below Ground Greasepaint
UD Maui Wowie
UD Smog
UD Zero
L'Oreal Lash Out

BB Maui Illuminating Bronzer

UD Timothy Pocket Rocket Gloss

And I took pictures of everything I used today. Try to ignore the ugly carpet, but it is where I sit every day when I do my makeup.

Face things including Sephora mirror :

The color :

And my fun makeup bag :


aretha said...

oh no :( sorry to hear about your dog and your calf. i really like how you did your eyes. the bronze compliments the pinky cheeks and lips v well. looks like i must check out the UD palette :)

Evil Angel said...

I am so sorry your week has been so devastating! Hugs

I love the copper eye on you, it is beautiful against your eyes!

partysis said...

Zoey : ( Poor baby, she was a good doggy. How are the boys?

Tiffany said...

Soory about your pup : /
On a lighter note....I knwo this was more of an eye look but your eyebrows look great!

Tiffany said...

I forgot to add that I like the bag & that you poasted a pic of everything you used. What color do you use in Photoready?

Musicalhouses said...

Great bronze look! It's so pretty and natural on you!

Martha said...

Thanks Aretha and Angel!

Naomi- the boys are okay, Samuel was a bit sad.

Thank you Tiffany. I use Shell in Photoready.

Musical- thanks :) I love using bronze