Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Wants

This post is dedicated to crap I want, but won't necessarily buy.

#1 MAC Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre - I love MAC Beauty Powders, and this is said to be similar in texture. They are smooth, sheer but buildable, and larger than the standard MAC blush. I love the gradient color which can be used separately or swirled together. It is described as a light cool pink. If it has a lavender tone, I am sold. I have been looking for a cool toned lavender pink blush for awhile now.

#2 Clinique All Over Color in Mixed Beries - I am a huge fan of Clinique's Fresh Bloom All Over Face Colors. This looks like it would give a nice berry glow, and could also be used for subtle eyeshadow colors separately. Look at the cute design too! These tend to give a soft sheeen and never a chunky glittery finish like Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks or MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes.
#3 Essie Art Of Spring Spring 2010 - I have a collection full of deep colors from Fall, so I am loving the look of Spring's pastel shades. I might pick up the pale lavender Lilacism and the soft Pop Art Pink. A coral might be in order too!

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Minted Rose said...

I caved and got a bunch of np from transdesign. Whoops. LoL. Ah well. At least they are colors I don't really own right now anyways. I can't wait till it all arrives :D