Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bargain Shopping for Nail Polish

I was in Professional Beauty Supply today hoping to see the OPI Hong Kong Collection in real life. I hold a cosmetology license, so I shop these stores occasionally for hair color and supplies.

No dice on the new collection, so I headed back to the clearance section. I saw a few Essie polishes I had wanted earlier this year. They were unmarked, so I took them up front to check the price. She scanned them, and told me 99 cents each. I'll take both!

Here are some bottle pics and swatches. Please ignore my terrible cuticles and nails. They are in bad shape this winter.


Love this rich plum cream. Reminds me a bit of Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised.

Chinchilly is a light gray, sort of like cement. I love unusual colors. Notice it next to my walls:

My Essie Family (blue is mislabeled- should be Shelter Island):

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