Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top 3 Rules for a Clean House!

Here are 3 easy rules to keeping your house clean and tidy:

#1 Never have a pet!

Having a pet, while good for companionship and guarding the house, will only result in the complete destruction of your home.

We have had a few over the years- am Amazon Parrot, a Jack Russell, a Golden Retriever, and Zoey the German Shepherd (the only one currently living in our home).

As an example I will include a picture of our home less than 24 hours after dust mopping. I do this daily.

Mmmmm hairballs. I will not include photographic evidence of the carpet she shredded, the hole she ate in the wall, and the floor she ate.

#2 Never have Kids!

Having kids, while rewarding and sweet, will only result in the complete destruction of your home.

I have three sons. That is all I will say on this subject.


John only wishes he could partake in the destruction. Soon.

#3 Never Work From Home!

I have stayed at home for 3 years now. At first I thought it would be nice to have so much extra time to get the house clean. Little did I realize that staying at home meant 10 times more mess to clean up!

My husband also works from home mostly, and I have started homeschooling my oldest son. Everyone is home, all of the time. Wow.

In conclusion, if you have any kind of life, your home will be dirty. The End.


Evil Angel said...

As a Mom of 4 + Hubby, who also works from home...I hear you!
I have considered straping little mops to their feet and hands.

Martha said...

So glad I am not alone!