Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sickness.

I promise I will be posting more later in the week, I hope even in the beginning of this week. We have finally gotten sick here after a very uneventful summer and fall.

I took my 3 year old to the doctor Saturday morning for an ear infection, and it turns out he also has bronchitis. I came home with a Nebulizer, Prednisone, and some good old Augmentin. The other two kids have the same cough, so I really wish I had taken them also now that I know it is bronchitis. I will be waiting it out until tomorrow morning and taking them first thing.

Now I have started feeling crummy myself. Let's hope that the pediatrician will write me a perscription also, otherwise I will be subjected to two doctors waiting rooms with three kids in one day.

I am thankful to have done my grocery shopping tonight- free of children. A full pantry is always a good start to my week!


partysis said...

I hope you feel better! I am having a double ear infection right now, which brings back childhood memories. Is Nathan better yet?

Minted Rose said...

Aww feel better soon!!

GlossQueen said...

I hope you all recover quickly.