Wednesday, May 13, 2015


* U.S. addresses only. I will not be responding to messages asking me to ship internationally.

* Paypal only- I must receive payment within 24 hours or item will be relisted. Make sure your shipping address is correct on Paypal- I will not be able to keep track of requests to ship to a different address.

* Shipping starts at $3.50 for 1 item. Add $.50 for each additional item. I always use delivery confirmation, but will add insurance at your request only.

* Packages are usually shipped within 2-3 days of payment.

* No returns or refunds- I have done my best to take accurate photos and list an estimate of percentages left. Do not use these photos for accurate color representations.

* Contact me - williams.martha (at) gmail (dot) com with "blog sale for (your name)" in the subject and your paypal address in the email.

* I will invoice you from a different email address- DO NOT PAYPAL ME until you receive my invoice!


SOLD$12 Chanel Bronze Rosé 70% left

SOLD$14 Chanel Sable-Emouvant 90% left, top left

SOLD$12 Chanel Berry-Rose 80% left, top right

SOLD$14 Chanel Misty-Soft 90% left, bottom

SOLD$18 Chanel Eclosion 80% left, top left

SOLD$18 Chanel Raffinement 90% left, top right

SOLD$18 Chanel Topkapi 70% left, bottom


SOLD$14 Chanel Rose Ecrin 90% left

SOLD$14 Chanel Frivole 90% left, mirror loose

SOLD$10 Chanel Saga 80% left, left side

SOLS$10 Chanel Monte Carlo 90% left, middle

SOLD$10 Chanel Romance 80% left, right side

SOLD$12 Chanel Impulsion 90% left, slightly shrunken (top)

SOLD$12 Chanel Illusoire 80% left, slightly shrunken (bottom)

SOLD$20 Tom Ford Wicked 90% left

SOLD$10 Dior Lilli Baume 90% left

SOLD$10 Dior Spring Baume 90% left

SOLD$10 Dolce & Gabbana Delight 75% left

$14 Dolce & Gabbana Laguna Duo 90% left

$23 Guerlain Coup de Foudre 90% left

SOLD$7 YSL 27 Glossy Stain 70% left

SOLD$10 YSL 17 Glossy Stain 85% left

SOLD$10 YSL 7 Glossy Stain 85% left

SOLD$10 NARS Nouveau Monde 80% left
SOLD$8 NARS as Torres del Paine 90% left
SOLD$5 NARS Descanso 75% left

SOLD$12 NARS Lovejoy 85% left

SOLD$12 NARS Sex Fantasy 85% left

SOLD$12 NARS Gaiety 85% left

SOLD$14 NARS Barbara Audacious 90% left
SOLD$14 NARS Racquel Audacious 90% left
SOLD$14 NARS Brigitte Audacious 90% left
SOLD$14 NARS Julie Audacious 90% left

SOLD$14 NARS Dominique Audacious 90% left

SOLD$14 NARS Anna Audacious 90% left

SOLD$14 NARS Anita Audacious 90% left

SOLD$18 UD Naked 3 80-90% left on most colors

SOLD$15 UD Electric 95% left


SOLD$18 UD Glinda 85% left

$18 UD Theodora 90% left

SOLD$22 UD Vice 90% left

SOLD$10 Lorac Pro 90% left, left side

SOLD$10 Lorac Pro 2 90% left, right side

SOLD$10 It Naturally Pretty 80% left

SOLD$20 Bare Minerals Blush and quad lot

SOLD$20 Bare Minerals 8 pan lot

SOLD$9 Kevyn Aucoin Rose Gold/Iced Plum 90% left, top left

SOLD$9 Kevyn Aucoin Silvered Lilac/Bloodroses 90% left, top right

SOLD$9 Kevyn Aucoin Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer 90% left, bottom left

SOLD$9 Kevyn Aucoin Frosted Jade/Bronzed 90% left, bottom right

SOLD$20 Sugarpill pigment lot

SOLD$5 MUFE 225 90% left, top left

SOLD$5 MUFE 220 90% left, top right

SOLD$5 MUFE 330 80% left, bottom

SOLD$5 MUFE N18 90% left, top

SOLD$5 MUFE N41 90% left, bottom


SOLD$8 Bite Peche 90% left

SOLD$8 Bite Glace 90% left

SOLD$8 Bite Amaretto 80% left

SOLD$8 Bite Leche 80% left

SOLD$5 Too Faced Juicy Melons 90% left

SOLD$5 Too Faced Razzle Dazzle Rose 90% left

SOLD$5 Too Faced Country Star 90% left

SOLD$5 Too Faced Nude Beach 90% left

SOLD$9 Shiseido Fire 90% left, top left

$9 Shiseido Opera 90% left, top middle

$9 Shiseido Lido 90% left, top right

SOLD$9 Shiseido Beach Grass 90% left, bottom left

SOLD$9 Shiseido Floracouture 90% left, bottom right

SOLD$12 Shisieido Color Bar 90% left

SOLD$5 Shiseido Petal 90% left, top left

SOLD$5 Shiseido Starfish 90% left, top right

SOLD$5 Shiseido Carnation 90% left, bottom left

SOLD$5 Shiseido Medusa 90% left, bottom right


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