Monday, August 25, 2014

Wet N Wild Smoke and Melrose Palette: Swatches and Review

I am moving from an expensive disappointment (Chanel Poesie), to bargain success. I love ending August on a good note!

Smoke and Melrose is part of the Wet N Wild fall collection. I hadn't planned to look for these new palettes, but the color scheme got me. I love mauve!

Inside are five different shades with somewhat odd placement suggestions. You can't tell me what to do Wet N Wild.

The colors are amazing! All of them have great pigmentation, and there are a variety of finishes. None of them are overly frosty or shimmery either.


The main comparison that popped into my head was Urban Decay Naked 3. It has a similar color theme- pink toned neutrals.


Urban Decay Dust has much more shimmer than the light pink Wet N Wild shade. Urban Decay Burnout is more shimmery and pink than the Wet N Wild. Urban Decay Limit is lighter than the matte mauve Wet N Wild shade, but Nooner is pretty close.

Urban Decay Trick is similar to the Wet N Wild peach color, but much more sheer.

The Wet N Wild taupe is less shimmery and more brown than Urban Decay Liar. Urban Decay Mugshot is cooler toned than the Wet N Wild taupe shade. The Wet N Wild burgundy color is not similar to Urban Decay Blackheart.

Here is a look with Wet N Wild Smoke and Melrose. I used NARS Love blush and Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil.


I am absolutely in love with this Wet N Wild palette! It has a beautiful color combination with excellent quality. I already have a backup with plans to hoard more.


Anonymous said...

can your eye makeup get any better?!?! Perfect! I am totally getting this now haha!

Miss Renee said...

Oh my God, I NEED DIS. Thank goodness for Wet n' Wild!

Des said...

This is gorgeous for fall! Need to pick this up before they go away!

Des | Simple Charm Beauty