Friday, August 22, 2014

Lancome Olive Amour Palette: Swatches, Review, and Look

I haven't tried a Lancome palette in years- probably before the new palette design. I always have a spot in my heart for the brand though, since it was the first higher end brand that I purchased with my own money.

The packaging of Lancome palettes are very sleek, with a simple rose on the corner.

Olive Amour has an unexpected pairing of golden olive and jewel toned purples.

All of the colors have shimmer, and the olive color on the right has some sparkle.

The colors are so soft and full of pigment. If I had one tiny criticism, I would say that this palette needs a matte color for depth.

The colors work really well together, creating a smoky olive combination. The purple adds a tiny bit of brightness to keep things fresh.

I don't own a ton of purple or olive shades, but here are a couple for comparison:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssianian Catbird is more bronze than Olive Amour. Dior Constellation is more sheer and sparkly.

Here is a look with the palette using all of the colors. Both olive colors are layered on my lid, the lighter purple is in my crease, and the cream color is on my inner corners. I used the deep purple on my lower lash line. My lip color is Bite Sophie matte lip crayon, which is a Jcrew exclusive color.


I am very pleased with my first Lancome palette! Olive Amour is exactly what I will be reaching for this fall, and I will be looking for more colors to try soon.

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makeup magpie said...

Love this combination of colors. (I'm a huge purple fan) :) The look you created is so pretty!