Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dior Trafalgar Eyeshadow Palette: Swatches, Review, and Comparisons

Dior has reformulated their quints and released some new color combinations. I picked Trafalgar, which will be perfect for fall.

Trafalgar has a gorgeous red surrounded by soft neutrals.

All of the shades are shimmery, but the brown and red are a satin finish.

Along with the new formula, Dior packaging got a sleek new upgrade.

Old, on the left, are thicker. They also did away with the pretty reflective initials on the front of the compact.

The inside of the compact appears to be the same, with the new Trafalgar on the left. Isn't the Constellation quint from last year amazing? I love the beautiful star embossing.

Now on to the swatch part!
The top two colors are pretty sheer, especially the light pink. The cream color has a bit more pigment, and a lovely golden pink duo chrome effect.

The red, gold, and brown are the real stars of this palette. They have a wonderfully soft texture and full pigment in a swipe.

Here are a couple comparisons:

The red in Marc Jacons The Siren is warmer and more sheer. The gold is lighter, warmer, and more reflective than Dior's gold color.

The gold in Chanel Topkapi has more shimmer and is lighter. The light brown in Topkapi is more cool toned and lighter than the Dior brown. The dark brown in Topkapi is deeper and more matte than the Dior.

I am very pleased with Dior Trafalgar. I will be using the gorgeous red a lot for fall, and the other colors compliment it perfectly!


Sara BeauTime said...

Dear Martha, this is a great post. I didn't know Marc Jacobs has a similar red shade, very useful for those who have Chanel and MJ both.

Kate MacDonald said...

This is definitely the palette that caught my eye from the new Dior collection. I think I can live with the sheerer shades if it means getting the other three- it's not like I'll never use them. Thanks for the swatches!