Friday, July 25, 2014

This Summer

If you follow me on Instagram, these photos will look familiar. Here are some highlights from my summer so far:

Tarte Rainforest After Dark palette- beautiful colors and great texture!

Blooming bee balm in June.

I can't stop wearing blue and turquoise this summer.

David, my three year old, has learned what money is. "I want dis."

Sephora Formula X Indelible with Turbulent accent nail.

Rewatching Doctor Who episodes until the new season in August!

Delilah went on vacation with us. Life is good :)


Alex Kay said...

Doctor Who! I'm doing a bit of the same and patiently waiting for August 23rd :)

Jules said...

I swatched the Tarte Rainforest palette yesterday and several of the colors seemed quite unpigmented and/or patchy to me, but the swatches you have look absolutely gorgeous! I'm back to being torn over this.

Martha said...

Alex- longest wait ever!

Jules- I did find that the light pink matte was a bit chalky, but the other color were great. Especially the gold and dark purple!