Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NARS Callisto, Desdemona, and Subra Dual Intensity Eyeshadows: Swatches and Review

NARS has a "new" eyeshadow hybrid on the market. I use quotes with the word new, because it seems that everyone is putting out these cream/ powder hybrid products lately. That is great news for me, as I am having fun trying them all!

MNRS Dual Intensity shadows are powders that feel like a cream. They can be used both wet and dry.

I think the little squares are adorable, but I loathe the rubber packaging that gets dirty instantly.




Callisto is an icy pink tinged white. Desdemona is a deep burgundy with purple shimmer. Subra is a deep reddish brown.

Callisto is not my favorite. It tends to look too glittery, even when used dry. I do experience fallout, and when used wet, it becomes too metallic for my taste.

Desdemona goes on smoothly and builds up easily. It is a very unique color.


MAC Stylishly Merry is more fuchsia. Tom Ford Burnished Amber is lighter and redder.

Subra is pretty, and works most excellently as a liner when used wet. It is not a new color for me though.


MAC Round Midnight and Chanel Magic Night are both exact dupes of Subra.

Overall, I have mixed feeling about NARS Dual Intensity shadows. I like Desdemona and Subra, but Callisto was far too glittery for me. I will wait and see the rest in person before ordering any more. I would love to see how Phoebe and Dione perform in person.



makeup magpie said...

Love the colors you chose. I keep looking at these and have swatched them at the counter, but haven't taken any home yet. Thanks for the helpful comparisons! :)

Carina said...

I have both Subra and Cassiopeia and I love them both. I've got my eye on some more shades, but I'm still waiting to see if I need/want them enough hehe.

Sara BeauTime said...

Hi Martha,
I also ordered online, I now have Desdemona, Callisto and Phoebe. I haven't tried the first two yet and the last one is still on its way. I didn't think Callisto for an all over shade but as a highlight to combine with the others. Have you tried to layer them for example Callisto over Subra?

Martha said...

Magpie- I really need to see the rest in person. I hope to make a Sephora trip soon!

Carina- Cassiopea looks so pretty, especially wet.

Sara- Phoebe is another that looks so pretty! I look forward to your swatches. I tried layering Callisto, but it is still too glittery for me :(

Anonymous said...

Oooo man subra is calling my name! I've been so good at resisting these, but damn! Might have to do some online shopping ;)