Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chanel Admiration, Palpitation, and Hesitation Ombre Essentielle Eyeshadows

The original item I had to get from Chanel Fall was an eyeshadow. I love the single eye shadows when they are done well, and these do not disappoint.

Admiration is a golden yellow with sparkle. This was a bit tricky to apply dry, as it is more powdery due to the sparkles. The sparkles adhere nicely when I use this one wet.
Palpitation is a matte dusty pink. This eyeshadow is very smooth. It makes a great transition shade when paired with Hesitation.
Hesitation is a warm brownish purple with a slight sheen. It is a lovely crease shade that requires almost no blending. This is my favorite of the bunch, and a shade I will wear frequently.


I really don't have any yellows to compare Admiration to, but purplish brown shades are my thing.
Limit is much cooler and lighter than Palpitation. Nooner is browner than Hesitiation. Berry- Rose is close, but matte and more brown as well. Chanel Seduction has more shimmer, and Magic Night is much deeper.


I am loving these shades together for a fun summer look. If I had to pick one, Hesitation is an absolute favorite!


Sara BeauTime said...

Thanks so all the comparison swatches, they help a lot. I ordered a few items by the help of a friend now they are on their way to me :-) Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Great fall colors! I wasn't too interested at first because I heard that they were hit or miss! Need to go check these out!

Sylvia Tran said...

OMG! Hesitation is beyond beautiful. I wasn't really wowed by anything in this collection at first but your swatch is making me reconsider!