Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Marc Jacobs The Siren Palette: Swatches and Review

I have had mixed luck with the Marc Jacobs line so far. I wasn't totally in love with the lipstick I tried, but The Starlet palette did wow me. When I saw The Siren palette for summer 2014, I felt the call.

The Siren is in the same long, flat packaging as the rest of the eyeshadow palettes in the Marc Jacobs line. While aesthetically pleasing, the shape is not easy to fit into my palette storage.

The Siren is white, although the rest of the line is black. I think the white really showcases the amazing color selection inside.

The back has a handy color picture for easy reference. I think more cosmetic companies should make color coded labels.

Inside the white case, is a gorgeous rainbow of shimmer!

This palette reminds me of a watercolor paint box.
The Siren looks bold, but the colors are all soft upon application. They all have shimmer, some more than others.

I had some trouble getting the mint to show up, but the rest of the colors are easily built. They have a lovely glow without too much shimmer or fallout.

Here are swatches of The Starlet while we are looking at Marc Jacobs palettes:

The Starlet is metallic in finish. All of the colors have a bold finish, like shining metal. I love this palette for the gorgeous array of eye catching shades, but it does need the addition of a few matte colors to complete the look.

I didn't even think to compare shades between The Siren and The Starlet at first, but we have twins.

The gold and copper shades look nearly identical between the palettes.

Overall, I am enjoying The Siren palette. I love the stunning packaging and soft brights. I am enjoying my small sampling from the Marc Jacobs line, and hope to find more success in future releases.


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